Trump vs. Hillary: First Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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presidential debate drinking game

The day we’ve all been waiting for (or dreading… whatever) has finally come: Trump and Clinton will go head to head live on stage tonight in an effort to prove who is most worthy of the crown.

Yeah, yeah, we know the US is a democracy and no crown is at stake. But can’t you just picture it: President Trump overthrowing the whole system and declaring ultimate rule. Don’t think it’s not a possibility.

Anyway, regardless of who you’re rooting for (or simply resigned to rooting for) tonight, it’s sure to be shit-show. So as with all good shit-shows, we’d like to propose a drinking game. Because, hey… might as well get good and sloshed as the chaos goes down.

First rule: Divvy the following rules up among the members of your party. No one person should have more than two drinking rules assigned to them. And even still: Drink responsibly. We don’t need anyone ending up in the hospital tonight.

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