Tinder vs. Bumble: A Quick Investigation

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Hey there, beautiful. Hey Handsome. Wanna go out sometime? We compared the two most popular dating apps, Tinder and Bumble, because we care about your love life.

Both use the swipe-right-if-you-like-my-face-swipe-left-if-you-don’t strategy. Now, this seems shallow (and it is), but, hey, you are meeting this stranger in a dating app and facial features (especially attractive ones) are comforting for humans to see.

Both let you give a short description of yourself in a profile. Now I asked a cis male who has used both apps and a cis female who has used both apps what common phrases were used in profile descriptions. Here were their answers:

Female: “A lot of ‘business owners’ and guys telling you their height like that even matters.”

Male:In about 50% of profiles and in equal parts I see the phrases ‘down to earth’ and ‘not your average girl.’

You can also modify your settings to adjust the age of potential lovers and their distance from you.

When asked which app they had more success with here were their answers:

Female: “I had more success with Tinder, I think only because of its popularity. I preferred Bumble though. I had better conversations and met cooler people.”

Male: “More hook ups on tinder, more dates on bumble. It’s entirely due to intent.”

When asked if they noticed a difference in the type of person they meet based on the app they used:

Female: “The guys on tinder seem to be sleazier. The guys I met on bumble I could have seen myself actually dating.

Male: “There’s a ton of crossover, but on bumble I’m looking for nice, smart and social girls. On tinder I’m not.”

It seems that Tinder is more of a hookup site with less quality and more quantity. You won’t necessarily get a nice night out with stimulating conversation with either, but it seems that Bumble is your best bet if that is what you are looking for. There are also less ‘bots’ (fake profiles) on Bumble, according to our male user.

Now one major difference we haven’t touched on is that on Bumble, the female must message the male first. I suppose this keeps the guys from using a cheesy andslightly creepy pickup line to break the ice in an attempt to be flirty. Tinder is a free for all message your match whenever you want-if you over do it they will block you so no worries. For you shy guys Bumble might be the way to go. For you shy gals Tinder may be more your style. This takes the pressure off of the guys using a cheesy, slightly creepy pickup line to break the ice in an attempt to be witty and flirty.

You could always just wait until you meet someone at a bar or gym, but who has time for that? Be wary of sleazy people and always tell someone where you are meeting your new friend before you go!

Best of luck out there in cyberland.

Marnie Slater is a freelance writer for Weekend Collective and performs stand up comedy in Kansas City. Follow her @marnieslaterkc for upcoming gigs and a whole lot of shenanigans.


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