Harley Quinn and the Joker Are Not #RelationshipGoals

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When comes to #relationshipgoals, Harley Quinn and The Joker should not come to mind. (Image via screenrant.com)

Harley Quinn and The Joker aren’t exactly role models and we know that. Their relationship is abusive and toxic. Harley’s obsession with The Joker is extremely unhealthy and dependent. Between her mental illness, psychopathy, and abusive past she is a perfect target for The Joker; these issues also humanize her in a way that makes her relatable.

The Joker is a predator and Harley Quinn is undeniably his prey. Yet we see all of these couples in real life commenting on pictures of the two embracing, calling them #relationshipgoals or wearing Hot Topic T-Shirts that say “Be a Harley.”

It’s fine if a female wants a more dominant male It’s not fine for that male to become her whole life and abuse her mentally or physically because he is in charge and she is there to do whatever he wants pining for his approval. It’s twisted.


According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, approximately 7 million women in the U.S. are assaulted or raped by a current or former partner each year, and an average of three women are killed by a current or former partner every day. The problem can be much worse for younger people, too; a recent survey also found that 43% of dating college women and 28 percent of men reported experiencing violent and abusive dating behaviors in a relationship.

So this situation probably shouldn’t be your #relationshipgoals

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