Ghostbusters Star Leslie Jones’ Website Hacked

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Actress Leslie Jones took her website offline after it was apparently hacked on Wednesday. Personal photos from the actress’s iCloud account, some of them explicit, were inserted into the website along with personal information like her passport and driver’s license. Also added to the comedian’s site: a tribute video and photo of Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was recently killed after a child fell into his enclosure.

The appearance of the gorilla photo appears to be a bizarre intersection of internet trolls that are infatuated with anything that involves Harambe, and trolls that have made a hobby out of terrorizing Leslie Jones. The Harambe trolls were actually so persistent that the Cincinnati Zoo shut down all of its social media, something Jones is all too familiar with. The online abuse and racist comments got so bad at one point that Jones announced she was leaving twitter in July, a decision she stuck with until she rejoined to tweet about the recent Rio Olympics.

Rejoining turned out to be a fruitful decision as Jones quickly became a Rio Olympics correspondent for NBC, and was seen enjoying herself at events like beach volleyball. The correspondent gig was another bright spot in a career that’s clearly on the rise. As a “Saturday Night Live” cast member, Jones has seen her screen time increase, something that was clearly a factor in the decision to include her in the cast of this summer’s Ghostbusters.

Unfortunately, Jones hasn’t been able to enjoy her success without drama at every turn. The announcement of the Ghostbusters reboot was met with criticism over the decision to make all the Ghostbusters female, and was also criticized for making the only African-American Ghostbuster a non-scientist NYC metro worker. Jones then dealt with drama surrounding the lack of designers willing to dress her for the film premiere (though insiders in the industry claim Jones is partially to blame for the entire ordeal), and then there was finally drama surrounding how much money Ghostbusters has to make, and why that’s indicative of a larger problem in Hollywood.

It’s unfortunate the 48-year-old actress is having to deal with what appears to be an ongoing problem of racism, sexism, and outright abuse. There’s never an excuse for internet harassment, and Jones appears to be a frequent target. However, she has shown real power in trying to help people who are going through the same thing.

During her coverage of the Rio Olympics, Jones came to the defense of U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas, an athlete she thought was being too harshly critiqued and attacked on Twitter simply because she is a African American woman. The strength Jones shows by trying to ignore harassment and help others in similar situations makes pointless and abusive attacks like the hacking of her website even more upsetting.

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