8 Recipes for the Person Who Knows Nothing About Cooking

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Some of you out there are just naturally gifted in the kitchen. You can just open a fridge or pantry, take what’s in there and whip up something delicious. You can think on your feet and improvise when necessary. Unfortunately, a lot of people AREN’T that lucky. 

So when I moved to SoCal from Kansas City, I decided it was time to learn to cook …cook something…anything. I had no idea where to start. I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods to buy a ton of stuff we needed including ketchup, mustard, mayo – the basics. As amazing as Whole Foods is, it probably wasn’t where anyone wants to build their foundation food. ( $ $ $ )

Just to put into perspective just how out of the cooking game I am – I had to Google a picture of a zucchini to find it in produce. It was a low point, a very low point. This sad moment standing alone on my phone looking at pictures of vegetables led me to rush home and find some recipes that even I, someone with literally zero cooking experience, can manage to follow and here is what I found!

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