20 Times it was Clear Shonda Rhimes Hates Love

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For reasons I can’t even explain, I still obsessively watch Grey’s Anatomy. That show has broken my heart and reduced me to ugly tears more times than I can count, and yet… I just can’t quit it.

This past season ranked pretty low on the trauma level, which I would argue is probably because after killing Derek, Shonda needed to give her fans a damn break. But even given that, I couldn’t help but find myself thinking at multiple points throughout the season, “Shonda Rhimes hates love.”

Don’t believe me? What was with Stephanie falling for patient Kyle Diaz, cutting him loose, and then deciding to take the leap and be with him only to watch him die in front of her hours later? (A plotline I am not afraid to point out has been used multiple times on this show in the past… Izzie and Denny anyone? Or how about Teddy and Henry?) Then there was the terrible custody fight between Arizona and Callie, the ongoing chill between Bailey and Ben, and even Maggie admitting to her crush on Riggs in the closing scene to Meredith, who had just started secretly sleeping with the man.

Shonda Rhimes hates love. Click on through for more undeniable examples of this one true fact. *Spoilers ahead*

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